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Why India Needs Its Own Perfumes, Not Colognes


Aish Tolani

March 11, 2024

2 min read

Explore why India should develop its own long-lasting perfumes tailored to its rich cultural and climatic diversity, rather than relying on imported colognes. Discover how brands like BLANKO are addressing this need.

Why India Needs Its Own Perfumes, Not Colognes

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In a world of diverse cultures and traditions, India stands out for its rich tapestry of scents and aromas. From the fragrant spices of its cuisine to the vibrant flowers that adorn its landscapes, India's olfactory landscape is as diverse as its people. Yet, despite this rich heritage, the Indian perfume market is largely dominated by colognes imported from Western countries. It's time for India to reclaim its olfactory identity and embrace the creation of its own long-lasting perfumes, tailored to its unique cultural and climatic context.

Cultural Relevance:

India's cultural heritage is a treasure trove of aromatic experiences. Each region boasts its own distinct olfactory profile, influenced by local traditions, rituals, and natural resources. From the earthy scents of sandalwood and vetiver in the South to the floral aromas of jasmine and rose in the North, India's olfactory diversity is unparalleled. By creating long-lasting perfumes for men that draw inspiration from this rich tapestry of scents, Indian perfumers can celebrate and preserve the country's cultural heritage.

Climate Adaptation:

India's vast geographical expanse encompasses a wide range of climatic conditions, from the humid tropics of Kerala to the arid deserts of Rajasthan. Traditional Western colognes, formulated for temperate climates, often struggle to perform optimally in India's hot and humid conditions. By developing long-lasting perfumes specifically tailored to India's climate, perfumers can ensure that their creations thrive in the country's unique environment, offering long-lasting and pleasant fragrances even in the most challenging conditions.

Sustainable Sourcing:

India is blessed with a wealth of natural resources that can be sustainably harvested to create long-lasting perfumes. From aromatic woods like sandalwood and cedar to exotic spices like cardamom and clove, India's biodiversity offers an abundance of raw materials for perfumers to explore. By sourcing ingredients locally and supporting sustainable harvesting practices, Indian perfumers can minimize their environmental impact and contribute to the conservation of India's natural heritage.

Economic Empowerment:

The Indian perfume industry has the potential to become a significant driver of economic growth and employment generation. By nurturing local talent and fostering innovation in long-lasting perfume creation, India can capitalize on its rich olfactory heritage to create a thriving domestic industry. Moreover, by promoting the export of Indian long-lasting perfumes to international markets, India can showcase its cultural richness and craftsmanship on the global stage, further boosting its economy.

Some brands have already started addressing this issue and providing solutions. BLANKO is India's First Timelock Technology perfume brand, ensuring that perfumes are formulated for Indian skin chemistry and weather conditions. With a lasting power twice that of ordinary perfumes in the market, BLANKO has become India's Longest Lasting perfume brand.

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Since summer is approaching and the weather is getting hotter, here are my recommendations from their lineup:



India's olfactory landscape is a testament to its rich cultural heritage and biodiversity. By creating long-lasting perfumes that celebrate this diversity and are tailored to India's unique cultural and climatic context, Indian perfumers can reclaim their country's olfactory identity and contribute to its economic and cultural development. It's time for India to embrace the creation of its own long-lasting perfumes, not just as a matter of cultural pride, but as a catalyst for sustainable development and economic empowerment.

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